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Pure Yoga as an Alternative Treatment To Add To Your Diabetes Workout Calendar

As treatments of diabetes basically aims at controlling the blood sugar levels of the patient, medications and insulin injections are used widely. Of course, a disciplined lifestyle and proper diets are also prescribed, following those instructions are easierPure Yoga said than done. Moreover, the medications that a diabetic has to regularly put up with often have remarkable side-effects.

That is why researchers have been constantly conducting studies to find out some alternative treatments which would make daily life easier for the diabetics. One such treatment is Simply Pure Yoga.Yoga for beginners and advanced alike achieve the benefits of fitness and health.

Create your own Yoga DVD set and make it a daily exercise routine to enhance your life. Although the Western world has accepted it as a beneficial choice only recently, it had been used by the people of Orient, especially India, for thousands of years. Make the best yoga dvd for yourself and keep practicing the routine. it will develop into a great plan to put on your diabetes workout calendar.

Effect of  Pure Yoga on diabetics

Extensive studies have revealed that regular practice of yoga reduces blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and excessive weight. Thus, the diabetics experience lesser complications; and even if there are complications, they are noticeably mild. So how does this happen? Some of the possible mechanisms are:

ü  Yoga effectively reduces stress, by reducing glucagons and improving insulin production in diabetics.

ü  Yoga successfully lessens extra weight and chances of obesity. Thus it not only Best Yoga DVDreduces blood sugar levels, but also lessens the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

ü  Yoga helps in gaining muscle relaxation and improvement of blood supply to muscles. These enhance insulin reception in muscles, thereby, controls blood sugar levels.

ü  Yoga helps to control cholesterol and blood pressure levels – the two main factors that increase chances of complications in diabetics.

ü  Adrenaline, noradrenalin and cortisol in blood – these are all termed as ‘stress hormones’ which interfere with insulin mechanism. Yoga reduces the count of these hormones.

ü  Most yogic postures create a stretch on the pancreas, which in turn increases the pancreatic function.


Pure Yoga Asanas that help

Although, there are no specific Yoga ‘asanas’ or postures that are prescribed for Yoga DVDdiabetics only; there are certain poses that prove to be more beneficial for diabetics than other ‘asanas’.

i) Pranayama: It is breathing technique which comes in eight different forms. It helps in more oxygen intake and improves metabolic functioning.

ii) Sun Salutation or Suryanamaskar: It facilitates blood supply to different parts of the body, which improves the management of insulin.

iii) Vinyasa: It is beneficial for increasing strength and flexibility and for regulating the pancreas and thus increases insulin production.

iv) Ardha Matsyendrasana: It is basically the daily exercise routine for keeping the vertebrae in good shape. It not only stretches the spinal nerves and reduces complications related to obesity, dyspepsia, asthma and diabetes. It also improves the functions of the liver, spleen, bladder, pancreas, intestines and other abdominal organs.

v) Meditation: This is one of the best ways of reducing stress, by calming the mind and calming the nervous system. It focuses on the pancreas, and balances the levels of sugar in the blood.

vi) Yoga Nidra: It is the state of complete relaxation and eliminates the root of all ailments – stress and tension. From hypertension, depression, insomnia to asthma, digestive disorders, etc, this process reduces every one of them to almost the point of elimination.

vii) Cleansing process or Shankha Prakshalana: It is a process of master cleansing which works wonders on diabetics. It takes an entire day to practice and must be done at least once in six months. This exercise cleanses your gastrointestinal tract completely.

It is to be noted here that Pure form of Yoga only helps in controlling diabetes and reduces the chances of complications. It cannot, however, cure it completely. A diabetic must not try different Pure Yoga postures at home without supervision. It is important to consult a doctor and a certified Yoga instructor before starting your  Workout Calendar.

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